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As a guy, I think the top one looks way better. Just sayin’.

yeah, guy here, top looks way better

You know what’s crazy?! That some women don’t wear makeup to impress men. Some women do it because they like it. When I wear 5 different colors on my eyes with bright ass pink lipstick I KNOW that shit ain’t cute. But you know why I do it? Because makeup is about having fun and being artistic. So if you don’t like my fabulously defined eyebrows I’m okay with that, I didn’t need your approval anyways. I just think some men really need to put their egos to the side and STOP thinking that everything women do is to impress you guys.

Yeah, because women wear high-heels because they’re SO comfortable, right?

No, women (at least me and my friends) wear heels because they’re fun to wear. Sure, they get uncomfortable, but we’re not wearing them for comfort, we’re wearing them to feel good and because we feel sexy in them.

And you’re probably gonna be like “but why do you want to look sexy? For men.”

But no. I like feeling sexy because it helps with MY confidence. It’s not about other guys, i’m already in a committed relationship, but I like feeling good about how I look. Also, even before my relationship I would wear sexy lacy underwear and bras, but NO ONE were seeing them, so why did I wear them? Certainly not because they’re comfortable. Because I feel great about myself when I’m wearing them.


Preach it girl. 

my love for this is everlasting omg u go gurl


Great Moments In American History: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill congratulate each other for swimming with a topless brunette woman in Miami in February of 2013 while hiding their own shapeless bodies under modest t-shirts



I wonder how many stranger’s stories we make it into? You know, maybe someone saw you in passing and told their friends about how pretty the girl in the lavender sweater was. Or maybe they overheard you say a joke and repeated it to their friend, confessing that they heard it from some guy at the store. 

I think about this all the time




Chris Pratt is literally a huge dorkball that just so happened to get paid to get fit and I literally would adore him in any shape he takes.

I changed my icon. Its a self portrait I just drew and painted. 

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omg heart melting 

The struggle between wanting to read but also wanting to listen to music, and not being able to do both at the same time is so bad

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Photo: Henrique Lundgren

Zara Campain - 2011


I scrolled to the bottom for an explanation but I’m still confused